What is Pilates and the key Benefits?

Pilates is a movement method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s. Pilates works the whole body holistically and helps you to increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, body awareness, as well as a decrease in back pain or other general.

Another key benefit of Pilates is that it requires you to look within; to focus on your breathing, and feel the subtle differences within your body. Many people come to a meditative state while doing Pilates, and report mental and spiritual clarity over time through this type of exercise.

Anyone can do Pilates, regardless of age or fitness level.

  • Those suffering from work related back pain; Pilates can relieve back pain by engaging the correct postural muscles.
  • For the elderly and those suffering arthritic conditions; Pilates is gentle and effective and assists joint mobility and support.
  • During pregnancy; Pilates helps maintain strength, tone and mobility as their centre of gravity changes.
  • Athletes looking to further improve their performance; Pilates can be specifically designed to improve sports performance for athletes and performing arts clients.
How to get the most from your Pilates Experience

Mix it up!

Mat classes

Mat classes are great for developing muscle tone with a focus on your core stabilisers, if you have no neck or back injuries. You are guided through a series of Pilates exercise sequences on on a cushioned mat so there is no impact. In Mat classes your bodyweight and gravity provide the resistance.

Reformer Classes

Reformer Classes are a great way to amp up your training with a full body workout using springs as resistance. The reformer is an excellent workout for all areas of the body. It is so versatile, you can sit, stand, lie and even push or pull the carriage. Reformer classes promote strength and flexibility, bringing more balance to your body.

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are a more individual approach to your Pilates practise. These sessions can be tailored to your needs, goals and abilities; like addressing niggling pain or injuries. Studio sessions are ideal too if you have a goal for a specific event, like a run, skiing trip, wedding. Whatever it is you want to work on, Studio is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Article by Catherine Giannitto, Director of Polestar Pilates Education.

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