New Year, New You!
New Year, New You!

How to get back into your routine after the holiday season

Indulging a little over the Christmas and New Year break is totally acceptable. But where most go wrong is when they let their relaxed health routine prolong and lead on weeks and even months into the New Year before realising they have ‘fallen off the band wagon’.

What many people find hard is after the holiday season getting back into their daily routine or health and fitness routine. So what are some of the ways you can get back on track this New Year and continue to achieve your health and fitness goals?


It is important to start planning your routine and goals BEFORE you take a break, a holiday, or get out of routine for a few weeks. Planning ahead already plants a seed in your mind that will help remind you and motivate you to still move towards your goals even over the holiday season.

Planning ahead will allow you to set goals and set up a commitment while you are still in a good motivated routine. Sometimes it is best to commit to these goals with the help of chatting to a fitness professional. They can help to motivate and push you back into your routine as soon as holiday season is over.


If you are someone who has previously failed attempts at fad diets or “New Year, New You” routines then try to start with small achievable goals to get you back into routine slowly. For example, head to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week in January, and then progress to 4-5 times in February. Don’t restrict yourself with diets and try to go on a 100% clean eating rampage from the 1st of January… but rather start with something small like prepping your lunches for each day during the week and limiting your alcohol to the weekends.


Although in holiday season we generally relax and indulge a little more… remember not to let your year’s worth of progress fly out the window! Small tips like not overeating, still exercising each day and picking your treats wisely, may mean you can avoid putting on the holiday season kilos and keep yourself from “falling off the band wagon”. This will make it easier for you to get back into your daily routine and keep moving towards achieving your goals.

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Until then… plan ahead, set goals, stay on task, and you’re sure to have an enjoyable festive season while staying fit and healthy!