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It’s all about the incidentals – Being an Active Mumma

As a full time working mum of one and with a partner who works away the majority of the year, I often get asked, “How do you find the time to stay fit?” To be perfectly honest it isn’t the easiest question to answer because there are a lot of factors involved. It really does depend on the day.

The first challenge for mums is finding the time to work out full stop. Let’s face it, gone are the days when you can train when/how you want but it doesn’t mean you can’t train at all, you may just need to redefine your fitness goals and expectations.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t have long term goals of getting back to your pre-baby fitness. However, take the pressure off yourself and be realistic when determining the time it may take to get there. This was my biggest hurdle and if I’m completely honest, one that I still struggle with some days. And as much as it is hard to accept the time it’ll take will vary for each individual and it does depend on a variety of factors – most which are out of your control!

As most mums know, kids are unpredictable and their needs come first so what may work one day, does not necessarily mean it will the next. What is this “routine” that people talk of?

Then comes into play your motivation…Let’s imagine your little adorable being has decided sleep is overrated and nighttime is for partying (of course it is)! So, you’re up most the night and the next morning you’re hugging the coffee machine for dear life. Then you need to summon the energy to do physical activity and you are hit by the realisation that:

1. You have no idea what type of workout to do

2. What are the babies sleep patterns going to be today

3. Will the crèche at the gym be open…. and if it is will your baby cope in crèche. Most people WITHOUT kids lack motivation to workout and then you add a baby to the mix!

So how do we stay active when there are so many variables? That is what is so awesome about fitness trackers – they add ALL your movements up. Even activity you don’t consciously think you're doing.

Yes this means I don’t train as much the TRADITIONAL way as I use to, however what I do is try and take every opportunity I get to be active. Whether that means putting AnaSofia in the pram for her day sleep and going for a walk, doing a little bodyweight training routine at the park while she plays, chasing after her around the café while trying to enjoy lunch with a friend, chucking on the joggers at lunch time during work days instead of eating at my desk to taking all the stair options with the pram (without assistance) instead of the ramps.

I do still try my hardest to find time within each week to either get to a gym class or do one to two strength sessions. However if a week goes by and I can’t fit this in, I just try not to beat myself up over it – Next week could be completely different and I might get four sessions in!

The best part of the incidentals is that they are achievable. You just have to be willing to think outside the box and make the daily activities with your kids the essence of your daily workout.

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