Stay active during the cooler months with a winter routine.

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder it is easy to forget your summer fitness regime and begin hibernating under the covers instead! This reduction in movement results in less energy, decreased immune function and sadly an increase in body fat!

One of the best ways to stay healthy and active during the cooler months is to set up a winter exercise routine. Something that motivates and encourages you to get off the couch, out of bed and into action.

1 - Put exercise in your diary: -Just like a business appointment, schedule in time to look after yourself. Keeping fit and active should be a priority all year round, but is especially important to set as a ‘non negotiable’ in the cooler months to ensure it actually gets done.

2 - Join a gym: - It may sound simple, but for those of us who thrive on training outdoors, Winter may actually be one of those times where training indoors is more desirable. Not only can a gym be lot warmer and drier, but also a lot safer than running about in the dark.

3 - Get a workout buddy: - Nothing improves the adherence of a workout routine more than a workout buddy. Not only is someone who is expecting you to turn up is great motivation, but sharing ideas and workouts is also a sure fire way to keep each other interested.

4 - Set a goal: - I like to encourage my clients to set fitness related goals rather than weight related goals. For example, you may set yourself a goal of running continuously for 5km, or you may want to squat 100kg. Training with purpose for a performance related goal will help keep you motivated and enthusiastic all year round.

5 - Reward yourself: - But not with food! Reward yourself for sticking to your routine or hitting your fitness goals by purchasing something such as new active wear or new runners. Nothing inspires humans more than a reward for their hard work!

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