When it comes to Abs its more about what you are doing in the kitchen than what you are doing in the gym. Of course you develop a strong core and abdominal muscles in the gym but these muscles are rarely visable without watching what you put in your mouth.

That being said strong core muscles are essential for stability and support to your spine and pelvis and training these muscles should be important regardless of whether you are trying to get a six pack or not.

To develop a strong core I like to remind my clients to keep their core muscles engaged at all times, this ensures they are not only working, but are also helping to prevent injury as well.

Whilst the common sit up and plank are popular variations I like to change things up by planking on uneven surfaces (such as a med ball) or practicing whole body movements that rely on core control.

Here are my top 3 Exercises that focus on core strength:

1 - Plank on ball.

Perform this exercise as you would a normal plank, bracing your midsection as if you were pulling your belly button to your spine.

Instead of being on your elbows, try balancing in the same position whilst holding a medicine ball between your hands.

2 - Lying knee rotations.

Lying on your back, lift your feet and bend your knees to 90 degrees.

Drawing your belly button to your spine rotate your knees to the left towards the floor without allowing your right shoulder to lift off the floor.

Using your core slowly rotate your knees back to the starting position before repeating on the right side.

3 - Hanging knee raises.

This more advanced exercise is performed hanging off a bar.

Whilst gripping the bar firmly stabilise your body and gently raise your knees until they are in line with your hips.

Slowly lower your knees and repeat.

For an added challenge you can try this exercise with straight legs.

When it comes to nutrition I am a huge advocate for a high fat diet, even if you don’t wish to partake in the high fat lifestyle removing sugars and processed foods is essential if you want to be able to see your hard work.

The other thing that needs addressing when it comes to a flat midsection is gut health and digestion. If you are constantly bloated or gassy it may be worth looking at not only the foods you eat, but also how you are digesting those.

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