Rockwear guide: 5 tips to getting fit

Some of the everyday tips that I find can help get you on the right track to achieving your goals!


Preparation is the key to success! Prepare you meals in advance for the week or a few days – if you find it hard to stay on track with healthy eating, plan your meals so they are ready to go every morning before work. that way if you run late or have a busy day, you know you wont be tempted for any quick naughty fixes!


Are you someone who stuggles to start your day or just cant get out of bed for that morning workout you said you would do the night before? Lay out your clothing beside you bed in the morning so you don’t have to think but just get dressed. Keep your phone away from your bed so you aren’t tempted to look at it for an hour before sleeping. Make sure your alarm is away from your bed If you are someone who presses the snooze button! Get up on the FIRST alarm!


Do you have a plan or guide that you follow for your food? Even if it is just to eat clean? Do you have training plan at the gym? The worst thing to do is walk in and spend 60 minutes wondering around feeling like you are unsure or cannot decide in what to do. Make sure you have a plan, walk in knowing what you need to get done and walk out feeling accomplished!


Are you confident with your training or plans? NEVER be afraid to ask for help from a professional! Trying to reach goals on your own if you are not 100% confident in what you are doing is VERY hard. In most cases, it ends up being a waste of time because people never see the results they want and they give up. ASK a professional to help you with your plan, it is especially important that you are confident with your training program in order to get results and avoid injuries.


If you don’t enjoy the training you do or the food you eat, you will not find it easy to achieve your goals. There is no point embarking on a journey if you don’t enjoy it! Talk to someone about making a suitable plan that you can love life with! For example, if you are on a fat loss program and you are doing hours of treadmill cardio that you hate, don’t do it! There are many, even more effective ways of burning those calories! Are you having blow outs on your clean eating journey because you get sick of eating boring food- talk to a professional , food does definitely not need to be boring! The more knowledge you have, the healthier and happier your journey will be!

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